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Abbie Mitchels
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hiya! I'm Abbie! I play SL and draw and stuff. This is where Ill put my artsy stuff! Yay~ Hope ya enjoy looking at my work! ^^ Thankies!

Also, I might be a magicy doll shape shifter.

That's a thing.


Aoi's Tour 11
Aoi: hmm, the jammer seems to be working quite well... how do you feel about becoming drone?
Abbie Mitchels: d-dont wanna become.. a drone..
Aoi: excuse me? *he turns the dial to medium* can you repeat? i think i misheard something.
Abbie Mitchels winces and shakes "d-dont.. wann.. mhh.."
Aoi: hmmm ... i think the jammer might be busted... ehh.. well lets try this one... *he sets up the dial to maximum,  as you start to feel dull numbness in your brain blocking any other thoughts leaving you only to receive and follow base instructions*
Abbie Mitchels frowns but goes glassy eyed, staring blankly at the table
Aoi: hmm well maybe this setting is too much but will use it for now...  Abbie, lay on the table flat, and say i want to become a drone.
Abbie Mitchels nods blankly and mutters "i want to become a drone.."
Aoi's Tour 10
Aoi: *he picks up metal band from the table and walks back to Abbie*
Abbie Mitchels: What are you doing?
Aoi: soo how is my dolly feeling?
Abbie Mitchels: A little uncomfy?
Aoi: and me? i'm just testing things up , and well i don't do anything illegal, you agreed to help me right?
Abbie Mitchels: Yeah, yeah.
Aoi: *he move closer to her and snaps metal ring around her neck* Now lets test this thing out... its my prototype mental jammer.
Abbie Mitchels: mental jammer?
Aoi: Yes~ *he turn the dial on his keypad on and suddenly you feel a small dull headache whenever you try to think up something more complex* it will depend on the power i apply, it will make you become more obedient and less resistant, also blocks the nasty thoughts, now please stand up.
Abbie Mitchels tries to raise her hand and complain, but flinches and squirms "mhh.."
Aoi: Good, now come with me, i'm gonna test my new drone manufacturing solution.. *you feel compelled to stand up and follow him, yet if you struggle enough you might resist becoming drone*
Abbie Mitchels frowns but nods, staggering a bit but standing
Aoi's Tour 9
Aoi: Hmm well lets see *he clicks on the remote as the chair turns into laying position but the cuffs on it also lock in place binding the victim to the table*
Abbie Mitchels: Huh?
Aoi: Very well the lock mechanism works correctly *he starts walking to distant table leaving her locked*
Abbie Mitchels: Hey, Aoi, lemmie go..
Aoi's Tour 8
Aoi: good, now let me test the configurations *the chair start to lightly massage your back* relax Abbie...
Abbie Mitchels smiles and leans back "mhh.."
Aoi: lets change the pose.. better? Or do you prefer to lay?
Abbie Mitchels: yeah..~ mhh.. i dont mind~
Aoi's Tour 7
Aoi: here is our main lab, we create new units here perfom maintenances and research.
Abbie Mitchels looks around, oohing
Aoi: hmm, from the survey i assume you could help me test one thing, could you please sit on this chair?
Abbie Mitchels: sure.
Location: the ACS Hub (…)
Time: 2PM till 4PM SLT, Saturday 29th October
You can join until 3PM, when voting will start. Voting will end at 3:30PM, or slightly after depending on whims.
Finally, the theme is: Halloween at the Hub! Or "Huboween" :)

Roleplay Is allowed, but not demanded. However, if you aren't taking part in the contest or RP, please be respectful of those who are, and as always, respect OOC boundaries.


Some of you might be aware that we've been running impromptu "Theme nights" on and off at random times in the ACS Hub (if you're not, look at mine and Key's DeviantArts in our profiles ( :iconab813: and :iconkeylanadomani:  - plugplugplug). Not very complicated affairs, just me and whoever else I can grab getting dressed up in outfits for fun and pictures.

Well, the Neon night was a success, and so here comes the next one, as promised! It's that time of year, and so we're running a Halloween night at the Hub!

There's gonna be prizes for the top 3, as decided by the votes of everyone who shows up. If enough people take part, Key'll also be handing out best in category prizes for everyone else, decided by whoever she can bludgeon into being a judge for her if necessary ;3

The contest will be open to construct and living alike, from any background. As always, my goal here is to get constructs and their users coming by the Hub more frequently, whether it's to roleplay, shop, dress up, or just to hang out on the couch and chat with us.

Any questions or comments, IM or send Key a notecard, her username is :iconkeylanadomani: and she'll try and get back to you ASAP.

Once again, this is an order. Show up! >D

PS: In keeping with the fact that the Hub tends to attract a lot of constructs, there will probably be a lot of constructs there. Immediately after the event might be a good opportunity for interested users to introduce themselves to the ones that make themselves available... (wink)

Contest Rules
- For the duration of the contest, all participants are equal, and should not be tampered with.
- Once voting has begun, there will be no changing of outfits or chassis' without agreement from the hosts.
- No cheating, or ordering others to vote for you.
- Be fair.
- Listen to hosts announcements regarding the contest.
- In order to win you have to be here. Otherwise your votes will not be counted.


(This event is organized entirely by :iconkeylanadomani: but is fully endorsed by ACS. Come enjoy!)

Tick Tock~! <3


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